Gratitude Diary: To The Girls Who Joined First

It’s been almost one year since Sambit and I began our dream project and actively started conducting trips to the places we love. In this past one year, those who joined us for these trips became friends of Doi and we’re glad they’ve all kept in touch. That’s always how we imagined it to be.

However, this post is to tell you all about something more precious. As I sit down to write this post today, I’m informed by Sambit that 5 out of the 6 guests on our first road trip to North Sikkim this winter will be girls.

News like this has always brought us a smile and we’re happy to tell you that this pattern is in fact not new to us.


Around mid-August in 2017 when we were prepping for our first ever Doi Host trip, we were uncertain as who would be our guests. Our trips are not open to large group of friends or families. This leaves us with a niche clientele which includes solo travellers or friends travelling in a group of 2-3.

A mixed group of people enquired but to our surprise, it became an all-girls trip quite organically. Solo women travellers joined without many questions or much convincing. We noticed a similar pattern in the trips that followed. Although more men than women enquired for the trips, every single time girls outnumbered boys when it came to signing up.

spiti 03-119.jpg

In an article on Vagabomb one year back featuring The Doi Host, we expressed something similar and we are glad it still holds true. Here we quote ourselves one year back.

“It has been the most exciting thing for us since the introduction of The Doi Host this August. On most of our trips we see women outnumbering men. If it means that we have the faith of women who are venturing out alone or maybe for the first time, we’re happy to be that platform."

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Reason for this trend? It’s quite obvious.

It was long overdue to say the least. It’s surprising to see that till now the number of women outdoors is still a minuscule percentage of the travelling population. I’m not talking about touristy destinations where families and friends travel over weekends. I’m stressing on remote areas, tough to reach and hard to enjoy. As a woman travelling alone I’ve been through the awkward scenarios of being the only girl in a train compartment, the only girl in a taxi, the only girl in a mixed dorm and even the only girl traveller in a village.

I assessed that it was only obvious that so many girls joined when we first announced The Doi Host trips; because, for a change, this gave them a solution to the difficulties of travelling alone in this country and move on from that oft-asked dreaded question, “What are you doing here alone?” We as hosts travelling with them is another added benefit since it’s a more hassle-free travelling experience for people choosing to go on a vacation without friends or family.

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There’s strength in numbers.

When we travel in a group with a majority as women, it gives me immense satisfaction to know that we successfully surpass so many unnecessary questions, answers, and encounters that can make travelling stressful for women. Of course, there will always be a part of me that will celebrate women who choose to travel solo, but it’s a joy to know that The Doi Host is part of a solution that gets together exciting female travellers from across the country who bond over a shared passion for travelling.

I can’t forget to mention the superb boys who joined us on these trips and made the trips memorable for everyone else. Girls choosing to travel with us for a second time is as much a compliment to us as it is to their co-travellers.

We would like to thank the FIRSTS!

All those girls who first signed up for these trips and helped us spread the word - Ira, Shivangi, Pooja, Sreshti, Saumia, Preeti, Pooja, Krithiga, Anjali, Mansi, Anusha, Samiksha, Surabhi, Romita, Pratima, Vaishali - it will be difficult to name everyone here. You know who you are and it’s been a delight to know you! You chose us when we started and we didn’t have a brand reliability and a solid history to show you. What gave us even more confidence was that some of you chose to travel with us for the second time too. It makes us often wonder that we must have done something right. Thank you. You helped us stick to our core values as a brand and help us empower women outdoors. We’re grateful to you all and we hope you had a great time!

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We’re happy to announce that in 2019 we look forward to organising all girls’ road trips to the destinations listed on The Doi Host. We hope to see some of you there!

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